Is Jimmy Johnson Right?

Jimmy Johnson is one of only three people to have coached a winning team in both the NFL and the NCAA Football Championships with the University of Miami and the Dallas Cowboys. Some would say that only two people have accomplished that feat. Pete Carroll managed it with the USC Trojans and the Seattle Seahawks. […]

Who Is My Customer?

A few years ago, two friends and I had an ice cream cart in a park along the Milwaukee River. It was a lot of fun and a wonderful experience although not terribly profitable. One of the things I really appreciated about the experience however is that we had no doubt who our customer was […]

Aren’t These Things Illegal?

Updated: Apr 10 Last November (2017) CMS issued some new guidelines for fall prevention devices and there seems to be some confusion.   I was recently doing some in-servicing at a new customer’s facility in Missouri and one of the nurses asked me if these devices are now considered to be illegal. I believe she asked […]

We Are An Alarm-Free Facility

Oct 18, 2016 In the past few years I have heard this phrase on more than one occasion. People are often frustrated with alarms in general and fall management alarms in particular, which causes some facilities to just eliminate their alarms all together.     I was exhibiting at a trade show recently when people […]

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

Oct 18, 2016 I don’t know many people who really enjoy the process of aging.  I know I prefer the way I felt when I was still in my twenties and like most people I fight the aging process as much as I can.     We shouldn’t be surprised then when that attitude continues […]