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Curbell Fall Management Product Benefit Page

Part Number Control Unit Options
Works with a simple alligator clip and magnetic socket. It is effective and very simple-to-us
Attaches to a variety of pads and uses a simple-to-understand on/off switch. You can also adjust the volume if desired
Advanced unit - Attaches to a variety of pads and uses a simple-to-understand Reset switch. You can also adjust the volume and delay if desired
Wireless Control Units - Our most advanced unit synchronizes without cords giving maximum options to users
Feature Product Features and Benefits for All Control Units
2-Year Warranty
Curbell products are extremely well-made and designed and have the longest warranty in the industry. If your control unit stops working (excluding product damage), we will replace it at no charge to you which minimizes your risk.
Mounting Options
All our units can be attached to the wall, bed or chair safely and securely. Our attachment options reduce the risk of damage from regular staff use.
Cord Strain Relief
All corded pads can be attached to the control units with built-in strain relief. You will no longer have to worry about losing pad life and money because a sensor cord broke.
Nurse Call Interface
All control units can be connected to the nurse call. Curbell is a leading provider of nurse call cabling and can work with almost all providers, which allows you to utilize your nurse call system for fall management. This will help you greatly reduce alarm fatigue and create a more home-like atmosphere for patients and staff.
In-Use Indicator
When the system is operational and in-use a green LED on the front panel flashes every few seconds. This feature makes it easy for the staff to know when it is monitoring.
Call Cord Receptacle
All Curbell control units give you the option of utilizing an additional call cord without requiring an additional portal. Now your patients can be ensured they can call staff when needed.
Cord Disconnect Alarm
Receive a notification when the call cord, nurse call cord, sensor cord or AC adapter cord becomes disconnected from the monitor. This will ensure that the unit will "fail-safe" and alert the staff if one of those conditions exist.
Benefit Product Features and Benefits BC-201 and BC-400
30-Second Pause
The BC-201 and BC-400 allow the staff to pre-silence the control units when desired. That means you can eliminate alarms when intentionally moving the patient and you prefer not to hear the alarm helping to reduce alarm fatigue.
Reset Button
One clearly identifiable button automatically resets the unit when it goes into alarm. Now the staff will need less in-servicing because it is so easily understood.
Low battery/Replace pad LED
The BC-201 and BC-400 come with visual indicators notifying staff the unit needs attention. Now you're ensured that units will operate safely with batteries and sensors.
Delay Feature
The BC-201 and BC-400 allow the staff to modify the notification time from instant to 5 seconds. If you have a patient or resident that does a lot of "fidgeting" you can now adjust the time which will prevent any nuisance alarms and improve alarm fatigue issues.
Volume/Mute Options
When the BC-201 and BC-400 is plugged-into the nurse call system, the control unit can be programmed to be silent. This means you can create a more home-like atmosphere in your facility and still ensure the staff will be notified of an egress via the nurse call.
Benefit Product Features Exclusively for BC-400
Cordless Synchronization
The BC-400 does not require a physical connection. This gives the staff and patients tremendous freedom to move around the patient room and building while still ensuring their safety via the nurse call system.
Tone Button Option
The BC-400 allows up to 4 different tones to sound when the unit is in alarm mode. This means that you will not have to worry about having an alarm that is like any other product in your facility, which will avoid confusion on the part of the staff.
Tamper Resistance
The BC-400 has the option of modifying the unit to require a magnetic key to silence an alarm. That means neither the patient or their family can disengage the product while the staff is not around.
Benefit Product Benefits Exclusively for BC-500
Cordless Synchronization
The BC-500 does not require a physical connection and is like the BC-400 but is simpler with fewer features. This "skinny" option allows us to offer the same benefits as the BC-400 but at a lower price. This unit gives the staff and patients tremendous freedom to move around the patient room and building and must be used with the nurse call system because it does not have a piezo or stand-alone alarm.