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More Work-Related Injuries; Construction or Nursing?

May 8, 2017 More Work- Related Injuries: Construction or Nursing? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nurses and Nursing Aides experience higher rates of non-fatal injuries than construction workers. It sounds incredible but statistics bear this out:     Main sources of these injuries:       Almost half of all injuries are related […]

Technology: Friend or Foe

 Aug 30, 2017 Technology; Friend or Foe Updated: Apr 10 Navigating technology in the world of fall management.     I was recently driving from Wisconsin to Missouri and my trip began by plugging my phone into the car’s Wi-Fi system so I could listen to my music. At the same time I entered my destination […]

Aren’t These Things Illegal?

  Updated: Apr 10 Last November (2017) CMS issued some new guidelines for fall prevention devices and there seems to be some confusion. I was recently doing some in-servicing at a new customer’s facility in Missouri and one of the nurses asked me if these devices are now considered to be illegal. I believe she asked […]

Why Do Patients Fall?

Has your facility ever had a non-compliant patient or resident? Has your facility ever experienced family members who make your job harder? Of course, and at times it can result in a fall. Even patients or residents who are deemed to be at a minimal risk for falls because they seem too debilitated can sometimes […]