To Dispose or Not to Dispose; That is the Question

Nov 14, 2016     When I am working with a facility for the first time, my very first question is about their current infection protocol. Does your facility allow you to re-use the bed or chair sensor pads or does your protocol require only disposable pad options? I currently have many customers in both […]

Bed and Chair Alarms Without Fatigue

 Mar 22, 2017 Bed and Chair Alarms – Without Fatigue Alarm Fatigue is a challenge for all facilities. In today ‘s technologically-aware society, every facility wants to be as advanced as possible and take advantage of technology so they can “do more with less,” while still providing the best care possible. There are challenges with […]

More Work-Related Injuries; Construction or Nursing?

May 8, 2017 More Work- Related Injuries: Construction or Nursing? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nurses and Nursing Aides experience higher rates of non-fatal injuries than construction workers. It sounds incredible but statistics bear this out:     Main sources of these injuries:       Almost half of all injuries are related […]

Technology: Friend or Foe

 Aug 30, 2017 Technology; Friend or Foe Updated: Apr 10 Navigating technology in the world of fall management.     I was recently driving from Wisconsin to Missouri and my trip began by plugging my phone into the car’s Wi-Fi system so I could listen to my music. At the same time I entered my destination […]

Aren’t These Things Illegal?

  Updated: Apr 10 Last November (2017) CMS issued some new guidelines for fall prevention devices and there seems to be some confusion. I was recently doing some in-servicing at a new customer’s facility in Missouri and one of the nurses asked me if these devices are now considered to be illegal. I believe she asked […]