The BC600 Monitor is made for easy common day to day caregiver use. It alerts staff that a resident’s body movements indicate their intention to exit the bed or chair, facilitating timely mobility assistance to help keep your residents safe from falls.

BC600 Sensors

The BC600 offers the versatility of being able to be paired with up to three cordless sensors including a bed, chair, floor, and motion sensors (ideal for bathroom monitoring yet still allowing for patient/resident privacy and dignity).

BC600 Pause

The Pause feature gives the caregiver 60 seconds to remove the patient from the sensor without causing an alarm.

BC600 Indicators

ALERTS show when to replace the batteries or sensor pad and if there is a lost signal.

CANCEL/RESET flashes when an alarm is triggered making it more noticeable for the caregiver.

SENSORS identify which sensor initiated the alarm.

Product Specifications