Technology: Friend or Foe

 Aug 30, 2017 Technology; Friend or Foe Updated: Apr 10 Navigating technology in the world of fall management.     I was recently driving from Wisconsin to Missouri and my trip began by plugging my phone into the car’s Wi-Fi system so I could listen to my music. At the same time I entered my destination […]

Aren’t These Things Illegal?

  Updated: Apr 10 Last November (2017) CMS issued some new guidelines for fall prevention devices and there seems to be some confusion. I was recently doing some in-servicing at a new customer’s facility in Missouri and one of the nurses asked me if these devices are now considered to be illegal. I believe she asked […]

Bed and Chair Alarms Do Not Prevent Falls

It is not uncommon for me to hear from potential customers that bed and chair alarms do not prevent falls so we are choosing to eliminate them in our facility. After all, if these products do not prevent falls then why incur the additional expense? It is a logical argument and one that I have […]

Why Do Patients Fall?

Has your facility ever had a non-compliant patient or resident? Has your facility ever experienced family members who make your job harder? Of course, and at times it can result in a fall. Even patients or residents who are deemed to be at a minimal risk for falls because they seem too debilitated can sometimes […]